Image Systems’ business unit Motion Analysis has signed a partnership agreement with Artec 3D, an international developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, for the integration of 3D scanners into its product offering TEMA and TrackEye.

3D scanners are used for a variety of applications ranging from reverse engineering to artist work. 3D scanners are able to map 3D objects with very high accuracy and recreate a model that can be used for 3D printing or measuring the object’s dimensions.

Image Systems Motion Analysis will bundle the 3D scanner with its software suites. The 3D models created by the Artec 3D scanner will easily integrate with Image Systems’ global measurement solution. The software will be able to use the vast amount of data points created in the 3D model for enhanced data output and improve the visualization of objects in the software.

“We are proud to be able to present this product enhancement to our present and future customers. This product concept is unique in our market segment. 3D scanning is a growing market and we believe that we will find a very competitive advantage with this integration of 3D scanners from Artec 3D in our offering,” says Johan Friberg, Managing Director of Image Systems Motion Analysis.

One customer application example is automotive crash testing. When performing crash tests, it is vital to understand how close the crash-test dummy’s head is to the steering wheel. In such a test, because of the airbag explosions at the wheel and in the doors, it is impossible to catch such a distance with a camera. With this new solution, the problem is solved by using the Artec 3D scanned model of the dummy head so the closest point to the steering wheel will be virtually calculated with very high precision by the Image Systems software.

“3D scanning greatly influences the world around us from how products are designed to creating visual effects in movies to preserving history. Every day we are looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what can be achieved using our handheld 3D scanners and Image Systems’ Motion Analysis business unit is at the forefront of this. Combining 3D scans with motion analysis will provide unique benefits for a variety of industries,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D .

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Artec 3D is an international company, headquartered in Luxembourg, with subsidiaries in the USA (Palo Alto) and Russia (Moscow). Artec develops and produces innovative 3D solutions and products. Artec has a team of professional experts in the collection and processing of 3D surfaces as well as biometric facial recognition. Artec’s products and services can be used in many industries, such as in engineering, medicine, media and design, entertainment, fashion, historic preservation, security technology and many more., the service for the creation of 3D characters, was designed and introduced in 2013 by Artec 3D:

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Artec 3D scan integrated into TrackEye for visualizing and measuring head distance to child seat in a sled test replicating a frontal car crash.

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