New major release of TEMA. The latest version is TEMA 4.2 [001]

TEMA 4.2 [001]

General Improvements / New Features:

* Possibility to specify a polygon as the DIC Area of Interest instead of only a rectangle.

* Improved performance for the stereo matching for Stereo DIC (Smart Registration).

* Minor dialog improvements for Lens Calibration Dialog.

* TEMA now allows for Exclude Areas to be disabled and enabled.

* TEMA can now export Visual Hull data to .stl format.

* TEMA has implemented support for reading Kirana files.

* TEMA now has the option to save files as MP4 with h264 codec.

* [BETA] TEMA DIC point registration, calculations can now be done on the GPU.

TEMA Camera Control Improvements / New Features

* Support for new generations of Vision Research (VR) cameras (Phantom and Miro series).

* Support for NAC cameras (GX-series, HX-series and Q1m).

* Support for Optomotive cameras (Velociraptor and T-REX)

* New Test Database integration options.

* Performance improvements to handle new generation of high resolution cameras.

* Option to download and save images in camera native file format to improve download speed.

* Option to save image snapshots and create snapshot history.

* Improved NV-RAM handling for VR cameras.

* Updated image processing for VR cameras.

* Alignment grid for camera position adjustment.

* Bug fixes.

Corrections & Bug fixes

* #23001 – Fixed a bug in Tracker Setup where the Quadrant Symmetry Search Area would not center itself on the template when pressing apply.

* #23045 – Fixed a problem that could cause the software to hang with DIC Warning dialogs being displayed, even when no DIC were used.

* #23078 – Fixed a bug in DIC Visualizer Legends which would not display [X/Y/Z] of the visualizers upon reopening a saved test.

* #23099 – Fixed a DIC bug by disabling the option ‘Copy to Time Table’ in cases where it should not be possible.

* #23256 – Fixed a bug where 3D Virtual Etensometers could not be used together with dynamic coordinate systems.

* #23257 – Fixed a bug where both filtered and unfiltered curves were displayed in diagram setups, and the filter checkbox was not working.

* #23379 – Fixed a DIC problem where tests would grow and also get very slow during autosaves, in tests having several 3D extensometers.

* #23393 – Fixed a bug where the software could crash for specific tests that we’re containing DIC 2D Points Of Interests.

* #23398 – Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a 3D test for which no images could be found.

* #23449 – Fixed a crash that could occur when using the Find Event/Find Image feature.

* #23455 – Fixed an issue in the Target Editor and Transform Target window when setting a new origin to one of its points.

* #23456 – Fixed an odd case where performing changes in the Model Visualizer Properties could lead to a crash.

* #23484 – Fixed a crash for Stereo DIC which would display a min/max error upon reopening a saved test.

* #23493 – Fixed a crash that could occur when reopening some saved tests containing 6D and 3D Model.

* #23507 – Fixed an issue with the ‘Vertical Axis Value’ option not correctly displaying what is plotted in a 2D diagram.

* #23566 – Fixed a bug where tracking icons would not be updated when selecting multiple points and changing tracking algorithms.

* #23610 – Fixed an issue with the Correlation+ tracker where the Template Size was not display correctly.

* #23637 – Fixed an issue with Image Diagrams not being displayed correctly when reopening a saved test.

* #23647 – Fixed a bug in Image Diagrams where it was not possible to select and add 2D Displacement fields.

* #23652 – Fixed a bug where a DIC Area of Interest could be drawn for the Correlation+ tracker.

* #23658 – Fixed a problem with the dropdown list for unit was not displayed for 3D Inspection Line in the DIC Settings window.

* #23659 – Fixed a memory leak which occured in Stereo DIC tests, with 3D Displacement field visualized in a 3D Diagram,
Vector Overlay active and Display Deltas ticked, while then playing through the image sequence.

* #23663 – Fixed an odd case in which the software could crash when entering 2D Stick Figure setup in old tests.

* #23664 – Fixed a bug where the software could crash when going to Edit Target Points in older tests containing stick figures.

* #23665 – Fixed an issue that occured when renaming a point in the target editor which already had tracked data which could then be lost.

* #23666 – Fixed a problem with Extensometer data in opened Time Tables being lost and having to be resetup when creating new Extensometers.

* #23667 – Fixed a bug that would not display backprojection for a point until the test was saved and reopened,
when the point had been renamed from the Target Editor after the tracking was completed.

* #23668 – Fixed an issue with disabled exclude areas still being partly visible, resizeable and movable.

* #23669 – Fixed an issue slow updates when the DIC Polygon Area of Interest was resized by draging and moving one of its edges.

* #23670 – Fixed a bug with new Image Diagram that would not center the image in the diagram.

Known Issues
* #23662, One scenario remains of a bug where renaming points will recalculate the DIC analysis.
Currently the recalculations will be recalculated when there exists two points, in two differenct views,
which also have the same name, and one of them is renamed.

* DIC GPU DIC point registration is on Beta level. Thus there will be cases with non-compatibility of GPU.
List of officially tested combinations will be populated in upcoming maintenance releases.

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