New minor release of TEMA. The latest version is TEMA 4.2 [002]

TEMA 4.2 [002]


* DIC on the GPU has been a main focus and is greatly improved with many bug fixes and overall tweaking to give a more robust and stable implementation than the previous Beta version.

* Performance when running TEMA DIC on AMD graphics cards have been greatly improved.

* TEMA now allows the user to set the Autosave Interval in Preferences -> General -> Archive.

* TEMA has implemented a compress function that can be run on a test to free up any unused space.

* TEMA can now calculate and display axes and the rotation of a 3D airbag object.

* TEMA has improved the Copy to Time Table functionality and now allows to copy data from XT diagrams that use the compare curve functionality.

Corrections & Bug fixes:

* #21763 Fixed a bug where Exporting an XT diagram to time table does not carry the compare curves values if that box is checked.

* #23273 Fixed a crash bug for 6D configurations which could occur when opening .ted files containing target points.

* #23374 Fixed a bug which gave all extensometers and inspection lines the same color when added into a 3D diagram.

* #23548 Fixed a bug with the Advanced Airbag/Outline tracker where the search area had disappeared upon reentering point setup window.

* #23738 Fixed a crash in TEMA DIC where an error message was displayed when running an Accuracy Analysis.

* #23746 Fixed a problem where 12 bits Photron Sequences could not be read.

* #23749 Fixed a crash which could occur when checking the Auto Select checkbox in Time Table properties.

* #23756 Fixed a crash that could occur when openening TEMA Static 3D.

* #23757 Fixed a crash that occured when, from the Tracker Setup, swapping between Master DIC, or Correlation+, trackers.

* #23780 Fixed a problem where Mraw-files could not be found.

* #23813 Fixed a bug where diagrams from tests created in TEMA 4.0 was empty when opened in TEMA 4.1/4.2.

* #23839 Fixed a crash when clicking on a diagram in the Combined Image Export.

* #23842 Fixed a Camera Control crash when trying to connect USB Basler aCA2440-75UM.

* #23845 Fixed a problem where AMD graphic cards we’re not performing well for DIC calculations.

* #23849 Fixed a problem with large DIC tests that would display incorrect “MMAP: Out of memory” warnings.

* #23851 Fixed a bug where analog data disappeared after re-opening saved tests.

* #23854 Fixed a bug for the Advanced Airbag/Outline tracker where a match in Tracker Setup was not being saved when pressing Apply or OK.

* #23855 Fixed a problem with .Tiff-m format giving error message and was not displayed.

* #23863 Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting points from the Target Editor in older tests.

* #23865 Fixed a bug in the diagram properties window where duplicate points was displayed when they shouldn’t have been.

* #23871 Fixed a bug where stick figures created with the Stick Figure tool could not be displayed in 3D diagrams, unless it was created in the target editor.

* #23872 Fixed a bug where a “Missing OpenCL.dll” message would be displayed, which required a reinstallation of TEMA to fix.

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