New Minor release of TrackEye. The latest version is TrackEye 5.7-011.

Version 5.7 [011]

#    20590: Fixed a crash when going Preferences and opening the Advanced Expression Wizard from the Printing page.

#    22097: Fixed a problem with unwanted behavior when using specific user-defined keybindings for stepping forwards and backwards in time.

#    23047: Fixed a problem with 3D diagrams not fully covering large 3D Models.

#    23068: Fixed an issue in the Load Image node when dealing with files ending in many digits.

#    23107: Fixed a problem with the ‘Let this view control time step’ – functionality where the button would stay disabled after the first click.

#    23314: Fixed a bug where 2D data was available to be selected in a 3D diagram, where it should not have been.

#    23329: Fixed and improved the Zoom window visualizer, which was not always displayed and did not move when the user scrolled in the Zoom window.

#    23330: Fixed a problem with the Zoom Window Visualizer being incorrectly placed if the image was flipped or rotated.

#    23391: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the tracking algorithm of a point to CoG when the 2D Tracking Node had no connections to other nodes.

#    23399: Fixed a crash bug that could happen when using SDK Lite and attempting to use Parent variables.

#    23400: Fixed an issue where the SDK Lite could give a syntax error when using parent variables.

#    23430: Fixed a problem where the Software could hang when trying to stop tracking if multiple view were used and one view had point that had not been placed.

#    23548: Fixed a problem where the Search Area of an Advanced Outline or Outline tracker would dissapear upon reentering the point setup.

#    23636: Fixed a crash that could happen when disconnecting the connection to an Image Diagram node, saving and then reopening the test.

#    23638: Fixed an issue in 3D diagrams where a DIC Displacement field would disappear when pressing the zoom in/out -button.

#    23741: Fixed a bug where Line projection/Displaying the epipolar line was not working for Point Zoom windows.

#    23839: Fixed a crash bug that could happen when clicking on diagrams in the Combined Image Export window.

#    23864: Fixed an issue with some edited .avi files being read properly.

#    23874: Fixed a problem with Text Diagrams not having any way of displaying that a data sample has been interpolated.

#    23886: Fixed a problem with the software hanging when selecing a 3D diagram in the Report Setup.

#    23894: Fixed a problem where the memory usage would become quite high when exporting images, which was caused by renaming the diagrams that were to be exported.

#    23896: Fixed a bug where TrackEye could not finish an export from .avi-files to mp4.

#    23898: Fixed an issue with 3D models not being displayed in Image Export nodes unless the connected 3D diagram was open.

#    23903: Fixed a bug where the a coordinate system name would not be saved in the 3D Transformation node.

#    23920: Fixed a crash that could occur for sessions containing the Report node.

#    23921: Fixed a crash that could happen for some 3D sessions containing arithmetic nodes.

#    23922: Fixed a crash bug that occured when closing a 3D diagram setup window while tracking.

#    23923: Fixed a crash when attempting to display a Model Distance visualizer in a 3D diagram.

#    23924: Fixed a crash that could occur when opening some 6D sessions using multiple cameras.

#    23925: Fixed a crash that could occur for certain 2D sessions.

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