New Minor release of TrackEye. The latest version is TrackEye 5.8 [002]

TrackEye 5.8 [002]



* Minor improvements for Outline, Center of Gravity and the Circle Tracker.

* Usability improvements to the Geodetic Transformation node.


* The tracker improvements can mainly be seen in POM where the automatic detection now is more dynamic and better able to detect projectiles
without user interaction, but it now also has more user options for difficult images.

* Overall improvements, bugfixes.

Corrections & Bug fixes

# 23857: Fixed a defect where the zoom window position would reset when the track button was pressed.

# 23858: Fixed an issue with different gamma values being used for the Live Camera View and Loaded Camera Sequences.

# 23860: Made the automatic projectile detection method more robust, and it now also allow the user to set the grayscale thresholds
for difficult images.

# 23861: Fixed a problem with calibration files containing several calibrations but which could not be loaded due to also containing empty calibrations.

# 23866: Fixed an issue with the accuracy being calculated when the Manual Line tracker was used.

# 23867: Fixed a problem with preferences not being loaded correctly.

# 23868: Fixed a defect where the user was allowed to continue and leave the preferences when no internal camera parameters had been entered.

# 23918: Fixed a problem with the Manual Line Tracker Visualizer disappearing from the settings.

# 23994: Fixed a problem in the Save Calibration explorer window which had the wrong default file format.


# 24015: The logotype disappears in the Image diagram when adding text box. Fixed.

# 23930: Fixed a DIC problem where Smart Registration failed to find a match if the resolutions are different between the slave and master tracker.

# 23933: Fixed a problem with the green DIC region disappearing at times.

# 23896: Fixed an issue with the image export not being able to finish exporting .avi files converted to .mp4 files.

# 24010: Fixed an occasional problem where the green Region of Interest, for DIC trackers, would minimize upon reentering
the Tracker setup after tracking.

# 24011: Fixed a problem in the Tracker Setup where, for some trackers, a popup to save changes would be displayed after
closing the setup without having made any changes.

# 24012: Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking in the 2D tracking node to place a point after having used the Circle Tracker.

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