Digital Image Correlation

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When designing any mechanical system, knowledge of the properties of the used material is crucial. To gain such knowledge, accurate measurements of the material’s strain and deformation can be done. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is an optical, non-contact, full-field-deformation analysis method, based on monochromatic digital images, which can determine strain and deformation of an object under load.

With TEMA DIC it is possible to accurately measure full strain fields and extensometer strains over a complete surface. This allows for non-contact measurements of strain, allowing analysis of the material properties, without affecting the result through contact. TEMA DIC comes as a tracker option to TEMA.

TEMA DIC System is a complete system solution including all the required hardware and software for non-contact optical analysis for surface strain and displacement. The system is designed for easy set-up and use. The components are delivered in appropriate transport cases and are thus highly portable. Camera and lightening are mounted on a stable and flexible 3-axis geared head, attached to a perpendicular bar allowing for rough and fine position tuning. Calibration is done to correct for both lens distortion and angled motion plane deviation between the camera and the specimen. This feature is unique to TEMA DIC and enables the 2,5D tracking capability.

TEMA DIC and TEMA DIC System comes in a 2D and a Stereo version. The Stereo version has 2 cameras and is capable of measuring surface strain & deformation.


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