An out-of-the-box DIC kit with robust housing, ready for instant measurement with specified working distance.

DIC Elite

An out-of-the-box DIC kit with flexible setup, ready for nomal and high-speed imaging and streaming with various working distances.


● Airbag area and volume measurement
● Heart valve performance evaluation
● Massive bubbles tracking

TEMA Pro is the perfect toolbox for such relevant contour analyses.

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The Store Release kit is much more efficient than our Inertial Navigation System, so visualized and accurate.
This single kit we have now is far not enough for our daily experiments, we had applied for more and hope each of our teams will have one ready to use.
We love the approachable format and the fact that it chose to feature customers that users can relate to. When you click into any story, you can read the whole case study in a Q&A format."
Morris jackson