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TEMA and TrackEye, motion image analysis.

Our mission

Image Systems Motion Analysis offers accurate and valuable measuring results – fast. Our software is used in hundreds of different applications where the movement, orientation or shape of an object, shall be measured and analyzed.

What happens when a car crashes? What is the orientation of a bullet the instant before impact? How can a sport athletic optimize its movements to gain better results?


The part of Image systems that today forms Image Systems Motion Analysis was originally formed in 1983 under the name Innovative Vision. The company, a break out from the Linköping University, had been working with high-speed camera technology and recognized the need for the handling of data coming out of these cameras. The result was the motion analysis software, Trackeye. In order to capture the film from the analogue high-speed cameras they also needed a scanner for high resolution pictures, as a result the Golden Eye Scanner was developed by the same team. In 1984 the first motion analysis system was installed at Volvo for automotive crash testing, and today Volvo still actively uses Image Systems’ solutions for its testing.

In 1996 Innovative Vision was sold to SAAB Combitech and in 1999 the original motion analysis business unit was separated to form a new company, Image Systems. In 2004, Images Systems introduced the TEMA software for digital high-speed cameras while Trackeye remained the flagship product for analysis of data from analogue film. In 2006 the Golden Eye Scanner, which was originally developed “just to” capture the film for the Motion analysis software, was introduced to the media industry and sold as a standalone product for restoring old films.


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