Anti-Blast Armor Research

Blast protection is a research area that is highly relevant in modern structures because of the prevalence of terrorism and war attacks.

Photo by Mike Throm on Unsplash


Landward Sciences (LS), a competency area within the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), perform research on military vehicles subjected to blast loading. The gathered data is used to gain a better understanding of the loading and target response in order to enhance the protection that can be offered to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers.

Innovating Measurement

The test was for testing an armor plate’s resistance to a blast.

The scenario was measured with two high-speed-cameras capable of capturing 45 000 fps at 256×256.

The TEMA DIC software is capable of producing results from an image at that resolution, with its 0.01 pixel accuracy in-plane, and 0.03 pixel accuracy out of plane.


Showing the full displacement map in TEMA DIC, shows our max displacement and strains, and how they are distributed over the event.

Using the “Point of interest”-tool, we can easily plot specific points to see what has happened over time.