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TrackEye 6DoF
TrackEye Arena
TrackEye Mirror
TrackEye SDK
Tracking Mount
Correlation Tracker
Looks in each successive image for the area that correlates best with the pattern defined in the first...
Quadrant Tracker
Automatically locks to the center of the quadrant target and is invariant to rotation, scaling and change...
Circular Tracker
Automatically locks to the center of the circular objects
Circle Symmetry
Finds the symmetry center of the image within the search area. It is applicable to concentric circles,...
Center of Gravity Tracker
COG of a closed contour or a contrasted object with the background. The detection is based on level of...
Intersection Tracker
Tracks intersection points (corners) on any object shape. The algorithm detects the intersection of contrasted...
Corner Contour Tracker
Detect edges and find corners along these edges. One corner will be selected as the track point
DIC Tracker
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) allows surface deformation and strain analyses by tracking the movement...
Outline Tracker
Captures the evolution of the contour of an object through thresholding and smart edge detection algorithms
Virtual Point Tracker
The Virtual algorithm triangulates the position of a point (visible or masked in the sequence) by using...
Mouse Tracker
In the case any form of automatic tracking would fail due to poor quality of images, the operator can...
Finds the symmetry center of the image within the search area. The user can set the target to 1+4 and...
Point Generator
Unlimited number of tracked points
Contour Analysis
Used to specify how the results of an airbag tracking are calculated. It is applicable to both the Airbag...
Airbag Volume
Calculate the volume of an object, can be used for time-varying volumes as well, such as airbags. The...
Data Import
Import data files from other data format platforms
Contains the full TEMA synchronized display of tracked images, graphs, spreadsheets, whatever is on the...
Report Generator
Used to gather individual graphs, spreadsheets, image diagrams, test summaries etc into one coherent...
Image Enhancement
Used to improve the color composition and quality of a displayed image by adjusting the colors and associated...
Chinese Language
TEMA Chinese interface (on request)
Japanese Language
TEMA Japanese interface (on request)
Multiple Camera Views
Multiple camera views. Allows the user to load several camera views / sequences in the same testing session....
Camera Stablization
Scaling based on the distance between two points in the image, and recalculating the scale in each image.
User Defined Coordinate System
Allows the operator to set user-defined coordinate systems.
Depth Scaling
Multiple motion planes (a.k.a. depth scaling). Allows the software to compensate when tracking objects...
Perspective Calibration
Angled motion planes. Allows the software to compensate when the camera(s) are tilted /angled in relation...
Position,Velocity & Acceleration
Calculates the position, velocity and acceleration of a tracked point
Distance & Angles
Calculates the distance and angle.
Filtering Data
Three filter types can be added to all graphs. These are the CFC, the FIR and the Spline. The most commonly...
Frequency Analysis
Frequency analysis. Allows the operator to calculate the frequency spectrum of a signal. Such as tracked...
3D Analysis
3D Module. Module used to perform 3D (XYZ) motion analysis. Requires two or more cameras.
6DoF Analysis
Module used to perform Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) motion analysis of a rigid / solid object using...
Auto LensCalibration
Image Systems Lens calibration: Module for measuring and calibrating lens distortion before a test. Includes...
Contour Plotting
A contour is drawn in the image and is tracked and plotted on the image while connected to a point group
3D Model Import
Import Multiple 3D model/mesh *Requires TEMA PRO or TrackEye 6DoF
Image Stitching
Stitch 2 camera views with dynamic scaling and perspective calibration available