DIC Elite

An out-of-the-box DIC kit with  flexible setup, ready for measurements with various working distances and field of views.

It delivers a sturdy imaging setup, consisting of dual industrial cameras, smart laser alignment tool and continous / shutter-synced lights for high-accuracy strain measurement, coupled with polarizing filters to reduce glare and improve contrast and accuracy.

DIC Elite

Flexible Setup

  • Rigid mounts with panning bases supporting light-weight industrial cameras and heavy high-speed cameras
  • Smart laser aligment and range finder suggesting optimal 3D measurement FOV and camera angle for various tests
  • Robust sliding bar with laser engraved ruler offering flexible setups
  • Continuous lights and shutter sync flash lights available for standard and high shutter speed tests
  • Sturdy aluminium tripod with adjustable height and fully lockable to ensure stability


  • Working temp. range: 0 to +50 ºC


  • Working distance: as for as 4 meters, can be further on request
  • Strain Accuracy: 0.02%-2000%
  • Live Tracking available

All in one workstation

DIC Elite is shipped with a complete workstation. A portable solution, with foldable 23″ monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Using a powerful desktop computer, with the latest CPU and GPU performance and only using m.2 SSD-drives for maximum performance, it is the optimal computer for fast and smooth processing. High quality cooling solutions means that high performance can be expected at a low noise level.

The IO Panel contains easy access to all necessary computer contacts. The TEMA DIC Elite system is coupled with National Instruments DAQ-solutions, allowing a customized IO interface including triggering and data acquisition.


  • 2D and 3D visualization for full field strain and displacement, as well as the corresponding video reports
  • Tensile measurement script exacting elastic curve, poison ratio, yield strength, young’s modulus, strain hardening exponent, plastic strain ratio, etc.
  • Statistics from inspection tools, like POI, Inspection Line and virtual extensometers
  • FFT diagram with amplitude vs frequency as well as mode shapes in modal analysis

More Info

TEMA DIC Brochure