DIC Elite

An out-of-the-box DIC kit with  flexible setup, ready for measurements with various working distances and field of views.

It delivers a sturdy imaging setup, consisting of dual industrial cameras, smart laser alignment tool and continous / shutter-synced lights for high-accuracy strain measurement, coupled with polarizing filters to reduce glare and improve contrast and accuracy.

Latest News


Hannes Wemming, Saab Aeronautics, is dedicated to developing efficient methods for predicting the strength of bolted joints for an industrial application.

His latest released research article is of a large part built on data gathered through the use of the Image Systems TEMA DIC System – 

Identification of bearing failure in composite-aluminum bolted joints using digital image correlation 

was published on Composite Structures in 2022, and is kindly open to the public.

Follow the link below to read the full extent of his report:

Flexible Setup

  • Rigid mounts with panning bases supporting light-weight industrial cameras and heavy high-speed cameras
  • Smart laser aligment and range finder suggesting optimal 3D measurement FOV and camera angle for various tests
  • Robust sliding bar with laser engraved ruler offering flexible setups
  • Continuous lights and shutter sync flash lights available for standard and high shutter speed tests
  • Sturdy aluminium tripod with adjustable height and fully lockable to ensure stability


  • Working temp. range: 0 to +50 ºC


  • Working distance: as for as 4 meters, can be further on request
  • Strain Accuracy: 0.02%-2000%
  • Live Tracking available

All in one workstation

DIC Elite is shipped with a complete workstation. A portable solution, with foldable 23″ monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Using a powerful desktop computer, with the latest CPU and GPU performance and only using m.2 SSD-drives for maximum performance, it is the optimal computer for fast and smooth processing. High quality cooling solutions means that high performance can be expected at a low noise level.

The IO Panel contains easy access to all necessary computer contacts. The TEMA DIC Elite system is coupled with National Instruments DAQ-solutions, allowing a customized IO interface including triggering and data acquisition.


  • 2D and 3D visualization for full field strain and displacement, as well as the corresponding video reports
  • Tensile measurement script exacting elastic curve, poison ratio, yield strength, young’s modulus, strain hardening exponent, plastic strain ratio, etc.
  • Statistics from inspection tools, like POI, Inspection Line and virtual extensometers
  • FFT diagram with amplitude vs frequency as well as mode shapes in modal analysis

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