Lens calibration

Planar target calibration board consists of a rigid two-dimensional flat board with evenly distributed markers.

It’s an important product frequently used before or after imaging with various lenses.


Robust and automated
  • Various Dimensions available: A1, A3, A5, A7
  • High accuracy: flatness error<0.1mm, with certificate
  • Pattern auto identified by TEMA and TrackEye
  • Robust quality to work in humid, hot, dusty and impactful environment

Latest Released

Forget about the reflection!
  • Super Anti-Reflective dark layer for A1 format (see difference in the image)
  • Casual lighting for high-speed camera lens calibration
  • 0.02mm printing accuracy, ±0.1mm flatness with certificate
  • Robust and sandy frames provide handy user experience

Calibrated Results

Exportable lens profile
  • Calibrated and Uncalibrated area notification
  • Calculated Focal Length to calibrate residuals after lens focusing
  • 3D Camera Orientation
  • Impact of Lens Distortion, coefficient for Radial Distortion Correction
  • Principal point and Pixel Aspect Ratio