TrackEye 6-DoF

Analyzing the 6D behavior (3D position and attitude angles) of a rigid structure (rocket or store) being fired or dropped from an aircraft flying is not an easy task. There are few places where the camera can be mounted to ensure good acquisition and the geometry of the projectile (a relatively long and thin object) can become an issue for accurate 3D positioning.

Airborne cameras are generally mounted on pylons or directly on the fuselage of the aircraft with wide angle lenses which requires powerful lens calibration and dynamic camera orientation to compensate for vibrations.

TrackEye 6DoF package is then the perfect toolbox for store separation analysis.


  • Unlimited number of tracking points
  • Minimum 1 camera view needed for 6D solution
  • Multiple cameras can be combined to increase the accuracy on the analysis and for covering the event
  • Dynamic compensation for camera vibration and relative 6-DoF analysis
  • A minimum of 4 reference points (more recommended) spread on the rigid body need to be tracked in each frame for 6-DoF analysis even in harsh conditions.

Those 4 points can be shared among several camera views.



3D models (.obj with texture or .stl) of rigid body objects generated with CAD or 3D scanners can be imported and mapped to tracked points for:

  • Retrieving the 3D position of any point of the 3D model even if not tracked or not visible from the camera point of view during the test.
  • Calculating the shortest distance between a point and a 3D object or between two 3D objects for each frame.
  • Visualizing the 3D model animated according to the tracked data and getting a full understanding of the 6D behavior during the test.

Excellent ACCURACY

CHALLENGE conventional obstacles
  • Advanced tracking algorithms for following any potential marking on the object.
  • Up to 0.01 pixel tracking accuracy.
  • Friendly lens calibration wizard to quantify and correct distortion from ultra-wide lenses and calculate real focal length.
  • Error checking tools for possible swap of points.
  • Parallax, back projection tool to control the accuracy of the 6D solution with possibility to weight points according to their residuals in each frame.
  • Multi-camera solution for higher 3D accuracy.

More Info

TrackEye 6DoF Brochure

Store Separation Demo using TrackEye 6DoF