Tracking Mount

Many military test ranges worldwide deal with the measuring of position and attitude of objects moving using dedicated tracking mounts which can follow objects at large distances (up to several kilometers).

Several tracking mounts can be used, positioned at different locations. Recording the direction to the object from different angles results in high accuracy 3D positions.

To obtain and have a control over this accuracy, TrackEye Tracking Mount module has dedicated sensor validation algorithms which can accept several criteria from the operator.


  • Compatible with main-stream tracking mounts, radars and high-speed cameras
  • Auto tracking with various algorithms
  • Unlimited number of trackable points
  • Wide range of tracking as long as the object visible in few pixels
  • 2D, 3D and attitude analysis available, possible for single camera 3D analysis

Flexible Tracking

IMAGE PROCESSING & coordinate conversion
  • Image enhancement
  • Air refraction index corrections
  • Dynamic background removal, blurring or object removal
  • Cross validation among sensors to achieve high accuracy
  • Earth coordinates and calibration
  • Latitude, longitude and geoid conversion

Data Export

Detailed info for projectile analysis
  • Ballistic or non-ballistic projectile trajectories visualization
  • 3D and attitude data (x, y, z, yaw, pitch)
  • Velocity and acceleration
  • Hit position prediction and extrapolation for explosion masked projectiles

More Info

TrackEye Tracking Mount Brochure